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      the function of humidifiers

      2018-08-08 Conloon 0

      the function of humidifiers

      Textile industry: increase the temperature and humidity,keep the humidity,control the temperature,remove the static electricity,reduce the dust,solve the problem for fiber tenderness, resurgence,,increase the weight,increase the production.

      electron industry: remove the static electricity, keep the humidity,reduce the waste,strengthen the printing adhesion.

      printing industry: remove the static electricity, keep the humidity,no shrinkage,no deformation, no paper jam,no inferior-quality product,easily color processing,no shut down,not waste paper and time,increase the production speed and efficiency.

      painting industry: keep the humidity, strengthen the printing adhesion,no painting take-off,no drum,reduce the dust,keep workshop clean.

      tobacco business: prevent the tobacco from damaged, reduce the loss of tobacco flavor,improve the finished products rate.

      edible mushrooms: to create a suitable humidity environment for the plant( the droplets on the mashroom surface is the smaller the better)

      Computer room: keep the humidity, remove the static electricity,reduce the dust,fresh the air, reduce the breakdown.

      Supermarket freshness:keep the Crisp feeling of fruits,the taste,and the color,prevent the dehydration, Wither,weight loss and freshness loss,improve the storage property and disease resistance,extend the old period,reduce the decay.

      Lab: meet the requirements for various experiments,improve the reliability,reduce the failure.

      Gunpowder industry:remove the static electricity, reduce the dust, explosion prevention.
      Car industry: reduce the dust, keep the humidity, no painting take-off,no drum,reduce the dust,keep workshop clean.

      food industry: disinfect the workshop, Ferment the workshop, resurgence, Bacteria training,keep the original color, aroma and taste.

      planting : meet the humidity requirements for various growing period.

      breeding industry:simulate the nature environment, meet the humidity requirements for various plants,keep the humidity and disinfect.

      artificial landscape : simulate the nature environment for cloud.
      health care : entertainment landscaping,romantic water smoke, comfortable environment,anion bath.

      air conditioner business: central air-conditioning humidification,keep the humidity,prevent the cold.
      Plastic industry : control the humidity, remove the static electricity,improve the finished products rate,reduce the inferior-quality products.

      Fruits business : advance the mature period for fruits,keep the freshness for fruits.

      Steel industry: atomize the cooling water in the crown block air conditioner, prevent the steel from rust,keep the beauty for the surface.